Tuesday, July 22, 2014


My first blog post! How exciting. Ha! Im not really sure why I created this blog. I guess to just put my randomness out into the world! I hope you enjoy Life on Christy Street! I know I do!

This is our home. We purchased it in the Fall of 2012. My how it has been an adventure. It was a forclosure HUD home. We bought it "AS IS" and have had many many quirks to work out. It all started with the AC units and hot water heaters. The first few weeks were filled with paint fumes and cleaning but she has shined up real nice. Yes, that's my southern coming out in me.

Christmas came and went and the winter turned to spring and Memorial Day was getting closer and the non-working pool was on everyone's mind! Would be have it ready in time? I couldn't wait to get that old cover off and see what our next big project would entail. Oh my what a project it was! The pool pump was missing, I'm sure someone just came by and helped themselves one day when the house was on the market. The pool was filled with nasty water and the liner was torn and dry rotted. It was a complete mess!

But with alot of hard work and the help of our new neighbors she came alive! We have hosted countless pool parties and family gatherings since and it was worth every drop of sweat & tears we put into it not to mention $$$! I would like to give a shot-out to my husband who worked day after day and hour after hour to make this sun worshiper happy! Love you Sugar! :) 

Anyway back to the house. We have painted almost every room in this house and every day there is a new quirk or project going on. Its been almost 2 years since we moved in and I wanted to start this blog from the beginning to show all the progress we have made but lets face it, I have been way to busy with all the projects to sit down and blog!!! I will post some more transformation pics though! It never ends! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will come back!