Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Christmas in July!

Well since I didn't get to post my Christmas pics in December I thought that July would be perfect! This year I took on the task of sewing my own Stockings. They aren't perfect and i'm still learning on my sewing machine but I think they turned out cute! Since then I have made curtains out of drop cloths for my husbands man cave and 2 pillows! I am looking into a embroidery machine soon. I would really love to do my own monogramming. Anyway, hope y'all enjoy! 

This was my first stocking. I got a head start on it. I had it done several weeks before Christmas. All I can say is thank God for seam rippers! I got so aggravated with the first one that I didn't start sewing again until days before we hosted a big family Christmas party! The rest came out pretty easy!! 

Santa came!! Ohhhh man so exciting!

This is our formal dining room. You know the room no one ever uses! It was pretty though. I had to have a tree in the front window so I just opted for a small table top tree.

I am a sucker for real trees but this tree holds a very special meaning! This tree and all of its decorations belonged to my dear mother in law, Carroll. She passed away 5 years ago from cancer. We inherited her Christmas tree and we put it up every year in memory of her. It has a special glow about it. I like to think we have our own Christmas Angel watching over us every year. 

 I got festive at the office too!! I think my bosses liked it! I love Christmas!!

Christmas is only 166 days away! Yikes! Ok, panic starts now!