Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just build it yourself!

Have you ever seen those pallet tables? I love them! They are so cool looking. Here are some examples...

Well we decided we would make one our self. The hubs had some pallets at work so off we went to get them but we soon found out that they were in high demand because someone had taken them! Oh well! Off to Home Depot we went. Chad laid out the frame for the size we wanted and off to work he went. We found an old timber or 4x4 behind the fence in the yard and decided that would be our legs/feet. 

And here it is! Unpainted but still has that pallet look!

I went to a chalk paint class at The Heron House in Mobile, www.heron-house-mobile.com, and fell in love with the color, Colette, from Maison Blanche Paint Company. I later went over it with their Dark Brown Antique Wax and couldnt be happier with the results. You can find thier paints here, www.maisonblanchepaint.com 

Proof if you just try to build it yourself it more than likely will come out looking even better than you thought! 

Peace & <3,