Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wrap With Jesse

Well I did it! I finally got off the fence and joined the It Works Global family! I am so excited to start this journey with the guidance of my sister in law who is booming with this company!  I have been a loyal customer for 9 months and have tried most of the products. I am a believer in these products and have a passion to share them with everyone I know and don't know!! It Works is a health and wellness company. We have an entire line of all natural plant derivative based products specializing in health and wellness. We have a Skincare line, a Body Contouring line, an entire Lifestyle Supplement line and a line of a Greens. There is something for everyone!

I am currently wrapping my self as well as taking Greens & Thermo Fit daily. I also use the Cleanser and Lip & Eye Cream daily and the exfoliating peel once a week! I am a product of the products and am working on becoming a better one everyday! These products in fact do work!! I have completely quit caffeine with the assistance of the greens.  I get 8+ servings of fruits & veggies and 38 super-foods in one serving giving me a natural boost of energy to get through my busy day!

I am slowly building my business and couldn't be more excited about it! In this company we always say find your WHY. Your WHY is what keeps you going and motivated. My WHY is my family and to become debt free which is possible with the It Works company. It Works Global is a debt free company. How many companies have you heard of that are debt free?! If you would like to know more about these products or join my team email me at or visit my website at I'd love to help you find your WHY or help you become a healthier you!