Saturday, August 16, 2014

Life happens...

Sometimes life throws you curveballs you can dodge and sometimes it hits you head on with a helmet to the knee! That is how my son fractured his knee at football practice Thursday evening. Last play of the night! 
This is before practice!
The pen is pointing to a little dark crack in his knee.
Breakfast this morning and on the way to the Dr. for his cast!

Our house is upside down because we are putting down the brown paper bag floor in our hall bath and our master bedroom. Jack's bedroom is up stairs and he can't go upstairs so we are all sleeping on couches or mattresses on the floor at the moment! He got a cast put on today and we borrowed a recliner from my grandmother to make him comfortable. He's bored out of his mind and is ready to go back to school. I think it's to show off his cast and crutches. You know it's kinda cool at first! 
Going in for his cast.
Cast complete! He has a nice little set up with his xbox live and recliner. 

Why is it when you are in the middle of projects things like this happen? Six weeks in a cast. There goes the September vacation we had planned with whitewater rafting and hiking in the mountains. Maybe we can spend Thanksgiving in the mountains! Who knows, just another day on Christy Street!