Saturday, August 2, 2014

Four wheeler fun!

School starts here on Thursday, August 7th. It won't be long before it's football time! We signed up our son, Jack for football this year! He's never played before so it's pretty exciting! He's a pretty tough kid so I think he will do well. This is him last weekend.
My husband borrowed a friends four wheeler for the weekend and we rode for hours everyday! It was a blast! We all stayed muddy! We have a lot of trails and land to ride on close to our home. My daughter, Kelsey was an excellent driver too! I was surprised! 
We are now thinking of buying one because we had so much fun! And let's face it when you can find something that your whole family enjoys it's worth the money. It's probably the most family fun we have had in a while! This weekend is pretty quiet. I think I'll go start painting my bookshelves in my craft room! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!