Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cindy's Still Poppin at Sixty!

Good Morning Yall! I hope your weekend was as awesome as my mom's 60th birthday party! We threw this together in about two weeks. I used decor I already had for my mom's Pink, Gold and Turquoise 60th birthday party. She was so surprised! I created a popcorn bar for her too with a big sign I created by covering a large canvas print I have at home with brown craft paper and using chalk to draw out Cindy's Still Poppin' at 60! Everyone got a big kick out of it! We used the hashtag #cindysstillpoppin so everyone can share photos from the party on social media.

My mom is a sucker for birthday cake so we felt that she not only needed one cake but three! She was so surprised! She loved them! I ordered a custom monogram cake topper made out of PVC and then glittered from a friend. She has an Etsy shop and makes all sorts of neat things! Check her out Memory Maker Studio. She is so creative and very professional to order from.

The cakes tasted as good as they looked! I ordered them from Pollman's Bakeshop in Mobile, AL. They have been around forever. Mom loves them! We had chocolate, yellow and white cake all with butter-cream icing. I made little food tents for all the different types of food we had inside. I made a banner and little cards that had info on how life was back in 1955 when my mom was born. Can you believe gas was .23 cents per gallon and the average annual income was $4,137! That's crazy! I can only imagine how simple things were back then.

My mom had such a great time celebrating with friends and family. We all did! Hope you enjoy the pics!

<3 JS